As a qualified mechanical engineer, LBP designer and project manager, director Paul Wilson has been in charge of construction projects for over twenty years. This has included a wide range of builds in both residential and commercial sectors.

Paul has always been interested in simplifying the building process and minimising the impact of the built environment on our natural one. The built environment accounts for up to 40% of the worlds solid waste. It makes sense that we care about the materials we use and that we understand the full effect of those materials, throughout their life, on our natural environment.

With a history of working with concrete and building some of Northlands’ finest Concrete houses Paul recognised very quickly that concrete, can be both sustainable and affordable if used correctly. 

If we are serious about reducing our impact on the environment, we should be building houses with smaller footprints and we should be building houses of a higher quality that are more durable and easier to maintain. Concrete Homes Ltd was founded in 2008 with these core values in mind. The company has always been keen to work on new and innovative ways of delivering concrete houses and have always enjoyed a challenge. This has led to the in-house development of a new modular concrete system that will enable us to deliver beautiful, solid, durable, low maintenance concrete homes in a far more affordable and sustainable way.

Our long-term goal is to develop the system further to allow people to build their own houses without the need for licensed builders but this may take some time to negotiate with the powers that be.


If you are considering building or simply wish to discuss your project with us please do not hesitate to contact us.


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